Plate Properties
Recommended Gauge

0.112 to 0.276
2.84 to 7.00
Ink Compactibility
Water, Oil
Images Compactibility
    Tone range reproduction*

2 to 95%
    Line screen max *
120 Lines/in
    Fine Line: width/in. (mm)
0.007 (0.178)
    Isolated Dot: dia./in. (mm)
0.010 (0.254)
Physical Properties
    Durometer (Shore A)

32 to 36
    Abrasion Resistance
Very Good
    Ozone Resistance
* When used as a capped plate

Clearly Superior

In the past, liquid plates contained blooming agents additives that removed tack. But these agents only worked temporarily, and caused cloudiness in the plate that created light diffusion and hurt image quality.

E-My Graphic liquid plate changes all that. It’s innovative chemistry renders the plate tack free and clean running. The result is a clean, shiny plate that is slick to the touch, combining the high value of a liquid photopolymer with the quality of a sheet.

It is truly, a plate that performs:
- Sharp halftones that print with less dot gain
- Deeperreverses
- No loss of fine detail
- Perfect images
- Smooth, dense ink coverage

Greater Resilience

E-My Graphic liquid plate revolutionary chemistry goes beyond the surface. It has tremendous resilience 30 percent greater than other liquid photopolymers which translates to reduced dot gain and a superior level of halftone and process to reduce dot gain and a superior level of halftone and process color printing. So for the first time, liquid photopolymer plate print comparable to sheet plates in tone reproduction for corrugated applications.

What is the different between E-My Graphic liquid plate & traditional plate?

Company Mission
To provide the Correct Solution to Our Customers in the Corrugated Printing
Industry which Meets and Exceeds Their Requirements was using Our
Environmental Friendly Products.


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